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Rhinoplasty Procedure (Nose Reshaping)

Nose Job Los Angeles - Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty – "The art of a successful Rhinoplasty is to have the nose blend in with the face and bring the focus back to the eyes." A rhinoplasty should be performed in order to achieve a natural result that does not appear "done."

Since the nose is the most prominent feature of a person’s face, it is not surprising that rhinoplasty is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures for people of all ages. Disproportion in the size and shape of the nose can do much to distract from an otherwise attractive face. Your desire and facial structure, as well as my experience and aesthetic judgment, are all important criteria for deciding how your new nose will look. The goal of a great rhinoplasty is to have the nose blend in with the rest of your face and highlight the eyes.

Teenagers should be physically and emotionally mature before undergoing the procedure. A study, entitled, "The Psychological Effects of Rhinoplasty," has been quoted by the New York Times and People magazine. It confirms that teens receive significant benefits from rhinoplasty, psychologically and socially, by helping to create a positive self-image.

The office consultation gives us the opportunity to discuss your questions and concerns and review in detail the essential aspects of a Rhinoplasty. Also at that time you will be introduced to computer imaging, an excellent visual tool for previewing possible results.

Surgically, my technique allows me to precisely craft the nasal structure by modifying its bone and cartilage. I able to firmly secure the components, eliminating the need for uncomfortable nasal packing which reduces post-operative discomfort, bruising and swelling. The dressing comes off within one week after surgery, about the same time that most patients can return to work.

What to Expect
A dressing is applied after surgery. Nasal packing is not necessary, making the recovery a more comfortable one. Some temporary swelling and bruising around the eyes can occur, and often resolve after a week. The dressing is removed within about a week, at which time most patients can also return to work and their normal activities. More strenuous activities will need to be avoided for two to three weeks. Patients can also expect 80-90% of the swelling to go down within 2-4 weeks and the final result will become apparent within six months.


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