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African American Rhinoplasty Procedure

African American Rhinoplasty Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

African American rhinoplasty poses a unique challenge when compared to other rhinoplasties. Patients want a natural look, which means keeping the same features they had, just a little more refined. Most people fear rhinoplasty in African Americans because of celebrities who have had a rhinoplasty that does not look natural. My mission is to maintain my patient’s ethnicity, while improving the overall look of the nose.

The other factor when contemplating an African American Rhinoplasty is that not all noses are the same. Some African American patients have thick nasal skin, a low nasal bridge, short nasal bones and poor tip support. Others have a more refined tip, thinner skin and no need for building up the bridge of the nose. There is no “one type” of African American nose, so to group them into one category would be a big mistake. In the end, the nose must blend in with the rest of the face so that attention is brought to the eyes, instead of the nose.

We treat each patient according to his/her needs. During your free consultation, photos will be taken of you and we can review them together. Most people will see you from the side or at an angle, so we will pay special attention to those views. Computer imaging and morphing software help establish a general plan of what you want your nose to look like. It is important that we both have the same goal in mind, or else this leads to a dissatisfied patient. At the time of your free consultation, you can also go over any and all concerns regarding your nose.

As a facial plastic surgeon, my training included five years of head and neck surgery as well as an additional year strictly devoted to facial plastic surgery. That translates into six years total of dealing with the face. Rhinoplasty is one of my specialties and I pay attention to every detail. I want to make sure that you are not only happy with the way that it looks, but in addition, that you are able to breathe well after surgery. The anatomy inside the nose is complex with various factors determining how well you can breathe. If you have a deviated septum causing one-sided nasal obstruction, this can be repaired at the same time as surgery. In addition, the turbinates (skin covered bone that warms and humidifies the air you breathe) may be enlarged leading to further obstruction. These, too, can be reduced to help open up the nasal passages so you can breathe better after surgery.

My goal is to provide you with a look you love, and a nose you can breathe out of. My techniques include cartilage building so that your nose will have support for long lasting results. I look forward to seeing you in consultation.


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