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Eyelid Lift Beverly Hills - Non Surgical Blepharoplasty Los Angeles

The eyes are considered to be the windows into the soul.  The eyes are protected by eyelids that are a thin fold of skin covering. Also, the eyelashes may help to protect the eyes from dust, debris and perspiration. Among various ailments of the eyes, one popular ailment is eye bags that may make people look older and tired.

The eye bag is mostly caused by aging. The muscles that support the tissue structures of the eyelids get weakened causing both upper and lower lids to sag. The fat around the eyes may move below the eyes. Also, the fluids may get collected underneath the eyes, making the eyes a puffy and swollen appearance. Besides this, eye bags may also be caused by lack of sleep, allergies, stress, smoking, kidney problems, heredity, anemia, etc.

People may use eye cosmetic creams to disguise the bags.  Great care has to be taken while using them as they prone to growth of bacteria and fungi. If applied to the eyes, they may cause infection. One major precaution measure is to avoid sharing or swapping the eye cosmetic with somebody else.

The treatment for some eye problems may require eyelid surgery.  The goal of eyelid surgery is to remove the excess skin of the upper eyelid, and remove the bags of the lower eyelids. One should consult a surgeon if the extra skin of the upper eyelid is blocking the field of vision, or if there are large bags under the eyes.  The goal of eyelid surgery is to rejuvenate the eyes so they look more refreshed.

Eyelid surgery may also help to

  • Remove excess fatty deposits
  • Treat loose or sagging skin
  • Remove excess skin and fine wrinkles
  • Treat eye bags
  • Correct droopiness of lower eyelids

As like in other procedures, an eyelid lift may also be performed using non surgical eyelid lift techniques. These procedures may also achieve good results without involving any risks of the surgical procedure.  Using a combination of a muscle relaxer such as Botox or Dysport, and a filler such as Restylane, a non surgical eyelid lift can give very nice results in the properly picked patient.  On average, a non surgical eyelid lift costs between $1000-2000.


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