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Functional Rhinoplasty Procedure

Functional Rhinoplasty Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

A functional rhinoplasty is a term given to a rhinoplasty when you are correcting nasal breathing problems and/or a nasal fracture. The main function of the nose is to breathe through it, especially while sleeping. Problems breathing through your nose is a very common problem affecting many people.

    There are several reasons why a person may have nasal obstruction.
    1. deviated nasal septum
    2. enlarged turbinates
    3. internal nasal valve collapse
    4. external nasal valve collapse
    5. external nasal valve collapse

Deviated Septum
A deviated septum can cause one or both sided nasal obstruction. Traumatic or genetic factors can cause deviations in the septum, which is the cartilage that divides the two sides of the nose. The deviated portions of the septum are removed or straightened during surgery and no uncomfortable nasal packing is placed. The recovery is relatively pain free.

Enlarged turbinates
Turbinates are flesh covered bone inside the nose that can become enlarged. If they enlarge enough, they can cause obstruction and problems breathing. At times, they can respond to medications such as nasal sprays, but if they do not, they can be reduced during surgery. Like a septoplasty (to straighten a deviated septum), the procedure is relatively quick to perform with minimal discomfort associated with it.

Internal Nasal Valve
The internal nasal valve refers to the area between the septum, the lowest turbinate, and the roof of the nasal cavity. It can become narrowed because of genetics, a previous rhinoplasty, or abnormalities associated with the septum or the turbinate. People will often see their nose collapse when they take a deep breath in through their nose. If the nose is narrowed in this area, it can be fixed by making the nasal passage just slightly wider using a piece of cartilage. This requires a little more work than a septoplasty, and is often combined with one. There is a little more swelling, but the level of pain is minimal after surgery.

External Nasal Valve
The external nasal valve simply refers to the opening into the nostrils. Some people have smaller nostrils, or lack support in the nostril areas. They will also see a collapse of their nose, but it is at the level of the nostrils. This is lower than the level of the internal nasal valve. The treatment of this includes placing small pieces of cartilage along the rim of the nostrils through an invisible incision inside the nose. Again, relatively minimal discomfort is associated with this procedure.

Nasal Polyps
Finally, nasal polyps can form in patients who are susceptible to allergies. There are inflammatory in nature and can sometimes be treated with medications. If the medications do not work, then surgical removal will help open the nasal passages. It must be kept in mind that nasal polyps tend to recur, so the use of a topical nasal steroid after surgery should be done.

The causes of nasal obstruction should be identified before proceeding with any treatment. This can be accomplished with a thorough history and physical exam during your free consultation.

I am a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty. I have published an article dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of nasal airway obstruction in a national, peer reviewed journal. It is a passion of mine to treat patients’ noses in their entirety – to help them breathe better and have a nose that looks good as well. It is where form meets function.

Functional rhinoplasty is a procedure which most, and sometimes all of it may be covered by insurance. If you have any previous nasal trauma that resulted in a fracture, this can be covered as well. If you have any emergency room reports or X-rays, these help in getting approval from insurance companies. Any cosmetic procedure, unfortunately, is not covered by insurance.


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